Wednesday, December 14, 2011


A story of kid who was not able to speak fluently upto three years, who was considered retarded and isolated; how on earth he might have brought that sort of revolution in scientific history of mankind? A child who was not seen that talented and intellectual by-birth; how he became the greatest of the scientist ever on earth?

These are the first and foremost questions about Einstein which tickles almost all of the human brain. So how can I remain away from that? Since the time I have been introduced to this name; I earned unending appetite to learn more and explore the depth of this name. Now, at least I can say, he is simply brilliant, genius, great and somewhat crazy type of personality for my own reason. Moreover, I'm now proud to say he's become ROLE-MODEL of my life. I feel like being crazy-like about him in most of the time. I wish to bring him down from that divine position and spiritual existence that he holds and make him sit beside me so that I can talk and play with him, but how's that possible………………….?

Every time I get my eyes stuck on a picture or even a word related to him in any magazine, books or newspapers, I couldn't stop myself from getting that thing at any cost; no matter how many times I gotta repeat the same story about him; I mean his birth, childhood, inventions, fame and finally NIRVANA. I am ready to repeat his story for thousand times but can't let go any clips related to him in any papers, magazines or even books that comes across my way.

It is like a kind of divine things that happens to me whenever I see any of his pictures anywhere. It is like a continuous source of inspiration to my life. Whenever my mind drains out of self-confidence, hope, determination and falls prey to deserted mentality; just a glance of his face refills my soul with energy, enlightens the candles of hope in my heart, and saves me from every kind of fall in my life. It fills me with the sense of being alive. And now I feel like we are spiritually connected, irrespective to the physical distance that we bear right now due to the damn' thing called TIME-MACHINE.

I know it cost a lot to be the one like you, but I still feel proud to say that I am the one who really appreciates you for what you are. Moreover, I do not think I gotta prove this to the rest of the world out there, because it is all about my life, my choice, and my freedom. WHAT NEXT……….? Ok then I seems to appreciate your saggy looks. So how about trying myself being saggy? However, not exactly; so what I think is I also gotta live my life for what I am; not what I ought to be…………….

   A monument to the man who united space and time into space time. A remembrance of a man who taught us that the universe doesn't go on from everlasting to everlasting but begins with a bang. 

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