Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Dream Theater!

-I had a dream last night.

I was all alone in the city so silent, shining under the light of full moon knight. It was the land of mystery. I was in dilemma of what to do and what not to do. All of sudden, I saw a ray of moonlight being thicker and brighter still. I was surprised up to the limit, when I saw a mysterious girl out of that brightness, whom I always used to think about. Even the moonlight seemed fader in front of her beauty. I saw stars lining up one by one in the sky, so eager to have just a glance at her. Her countenance threw such a magical ray onto me that, I got stimulated from the depth of my heart. My conscience became numb about anything else. She got closer to me and held my hands saying," I think your heart is beating a bit faster." My stimulus overflow of emotions went out of my control. Nervously, I said, "ya…just for you." With her incredible smile she said," thank you.", And handed me something strange; incredible through which I could view the entire cosmos and she was vanished in moonlight at once.

And as I diverted my eyes towards that thing, I heard it going on" tic-tic" n "tic-tic". And when I opened my eyes to look that, I found my alarming clock in my hand saying, "Hey doggy! Wake up, it's already 5."………….. I busted into laughter. That's a kind of humorous isn't it?
And for this time, I frantically tried to collect those senses, to get self locked in that realm of dreamland.

"I want you to crawl from that dreamland to my real land and make my dream come true."

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